Licorice Owls

**As featured by Refinery29**

What a hoot!

We were so delighted to find owl-shaped licorice, we imported them on looks alone.  Fortunately for us, they're just as tasty as they are cute.  Lightly firm at first bite, these owls give way to a soft, yummy chew and a mellow dark black licorice flavor.

Imported from Germany

Sweetness:      5 

Saltiness:         1

Chewiness:      4

We rate licorice according to Sweetness (1=not sweet, 10=very sweet), Saltiness (0=no salt, 10=very salty), and Chewiness (1=very soft, 10=very chewy).  While each batch of licorice may vary slightly, these relative rankings remain fairly constant and will help you better navigate our impressive licorice collection.

Allergy info: this product may contain traces of milk, wheat, peanuts and tree nuts

Fat free

Sold out.

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