Hello Superfoods Bento Box

*As featured by Women's Health magazine*

You're more than sweet, you're smart too.

Like our new Superfoods Bento Box, chock full of all-natural, superfood candy goodness.  From dark chocolate acai blueberries to matcha green tea caramels, this box is sure to delight any health-conscious sweets lover.

Includes eight gourmet candies in a beautiful gift box with a magnetic closure (so pretty, you'll want to keep it long after the sweets are gone!), plus a tasting menu with detailed notes on each candy.  Every detail is luxurious, all the way down to our fabulous aqua shipping boxes which make a memorable first impression.  

The Hello Superfoods Bento Box includes eight acrylic cubes (approx 3.25oz each) of our heart-healthiest candies:

  1. Matcha Green Tea Caramels
  2. 72% Dark Chocolate Pomegranate Seeds
  3. Cocoa Dusted Almonds
  4. Dark Chocolate Chipotle Almonds
  5. 72% Dark Chocolate Orange Peel
  6. Chocolate Raspberries
  7. Black Currant Berries
  8. 72% Dark Chocolate Acai Blueberries

Choose Gift Wrap at checkout and we'll wrap it up with a beautiful ribbon, bow and a hand-written note.

Looking for a custom candy assortment?  Choose any eight candies plus this blank canvas Bento Box.


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