All-Natural Holland Mints

We admit it, we're pretty snobby when it comes to Holland Mints.  They're one of our favorite candies and we went to great lengths (over 20 taste testings!) to ensure we found the very best.

These Holland Mints are made by a family-owned company who pride themselves on using all-natural, premium-quality ingredients.

Creamy mint centers flavored with natural peppermint oil are surrounded by dark chocolate and a delicate mint sugar shell.  Made with 100% natural colors and flavors, these Holland Mints are not only the most delicious, but also the prettiest mints we found.

Holland Mints are perfect for wedding and shower favors.  Contact us at to learn more about creating personalized favors to match your colors and theme. 

Allergy info: this product contains milk and soy and may contain traces of wheat, peanuts and other tree nuts

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