Poco Dolce Hazelnuts from Alba, Italy

It's time for you to meet a very special hazelnut.

Here's the story...

In late October, Rosie & Josh went to Alba in the Piedmont region of northern Italy for the annual White Truffle Festival.  While truffle hunting, they met a local farmer who introduced them to a fabulous winery, which... on the side... also had a fabulous hazelnut orchard.  And they just happened to make the most delicious candied hazelnuts we've ever tasted.  Like, ever.  Seriously.  We HAD to have them for Sugarfina, so we hand-carried a big stash of them home.

A perfect, pristine Piedmont hazelnut is slow-roasted to perfection, then candied and dusted in superfine powdered sugar.  Crunchy and lightly sweet, these are a true delicacy for any hazelnut lover.

Limited supply each season.

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