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REVIVE | A Look Into Sugarfina’s Elderberry Bears

Prioriting physical and mental health

elderberry bears

As prioritizing physical and mental health continues to be an important topic of discussion throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, elderberry has become an ingredient that is a hot topic of conversation. As Sugarfina continues to focus on breakthrough product development, we saw an opportunity to surprise and delight customers with Elderberry Bears, made from real elderberries.

Known widely for their health benefits, elderberries are rich in the antioxidant, anthocyanin, responsible for giving the berry its signature dark purple color. Research shows that anthocyanin plays a key role in fighting free radical damage and protecting vital organs. In 400 AD Hippocrates, “the father of medicine” even referred to the elder plant as his “medicine chest” because of its innumerable benefits.

According to Hunker, due to their tart flavor, many prefer elderberries in recipes as they tend to develop a sweet and juicy flavor when processed for use in food and drink. After trying our Elderberry Bears, Sugarfina team members described the gummies as bright and tangy.

Introduced alongside the launch of our Revive 2 Piece Candy Bento Box®, Sugarfina’s Elderberry Bears contain real elderberries creating an iconic burgundy shade. Susan Tang, Sugarfina’s Associate Director of Product Development and Packaging, explains that the elderberry flakes are dehydrated by proprietary Radiant Energy Vacuum Dehydration technology. New to Sugarfina and exclusive to our Elderberry Bears, the technology is a low temperature drying method that maintains the product’s color and flavor during the drying process. The bears, which are both visually and texturally appealing, burst in juicy flavors of elderberry and are sure to revive your tastebuds.

healthy elderberry bears

Self-care at Sugarfina means treating yourself and your palate to sweet rest and relaxation. Customers can find both our Elderberry Bears and our Clementine Bears bundled in our one-of-a-kind Revive 2 Piece Candy Bento Box®, the perfect gift for you or a loved one who deserves a sweet reward.

While Sugarfina strives to develop unique, on-trend products and flavors with colorful aesthetics, we look forward to continuing to introduce new sweets to our fans. For first-look access to new products, follow us on Instagram @sugarfina and leave us a comment about the next treat you would like to see!