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How to Make an American Flag Candy Charcuterie Board, Sugarfina Style!

Stars, stripes, and sweet celebrations await you this Fourth of July!

We don’t know about you, but we have visions of fireworks, parades, and BBQs dancing through our heads, and as gatherings commence, we have the most delicious addition for you to sweeten any occasion.

With best-selling summer flavors in shades of Red, White & Blue, we couldn’t resist sharing the steps to make this American flag candy charcuterie board! Festive and fun for guests of all ages to enjoy, make your Fourth of July pop with us - plus, it’s super simple, with only 3 ingredients and customizable based on your palette. Turn on “Party in the U.S.A” by Miley, grab your friends, and let’s get to work on this board!

What You’ll Need:

Made with Sugarfina candies, this star-spangled dessert board features a variety of our red, white, and blue flavors. Begin by picking out your favorite Sugarfina Candy Cubes® by color. We mixed and matched a few flavors for each color! Here are a few suggestions:

  • Red: Sugar Lips®, Strawberry Daiquiri Hearts, Cranberry Cocktail Bears
  • White: Champagne Bubbles, Prosecco Frosecco, Greek Island Pebbles
  • Blue: Baby Whales, Sugarfina Pearls (Blue & White), Robin’s Egg Caramels

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After choosing your flavors, select a rectangular board best fit for the number of people who will be taking part in your Fourth festivities.


Begin by laying your blue candies in the upper left-hand corner, creating a rectangle, better known as the canton (we used Baby Whales). We recommend an even amount of rows for this, making a perfect rectangular shape. Next, take a few of your white candies, and place them on top of the blue rectangle you created to represent the stars on your flag. Our Sugarfina Pearls made the cutest stars.

Onto the stripes! Open up your red and white candies, and make alternating red and white rows. We used both our Sugar Lips® and Strawberry Hearts for our red stripes, alternating between each flavor per red row, and our Champagne Bubbles for our white stripes. Continue making stripes until your board is complete!

Make sparks fly by baking a cake and placing your Sugarfina candies on top of it, for a twist on the classic American flag fruit cake!

By creating this board and enjoying it with friends, Sugarfina is delighted to add our signature sweetness to your Fourth of July festivities. Be sure to tag us @sugarfina on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and Twitter