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We’re Making Summer Pop with Our Truly Hard Seltzer-Infused Popsicles

Summer’s here and we couldn’t be more excited! We have visions of BBQs, beach days and backyard hangouts dancing through our heads, and as things start to heat up, we also have the perfect treat to help you keep cool.

Our TRULY x Sugarfina hard seltzer-infused gummy bears have been making waves, and now we’re sharing the recipe to these Truly Hard Seltzer-infused popsicles! They’re the refreshing adult treat you need to make your next summer gathering really sparkle – plus, they’re super simple, with only three ingredients and customizable based on your palate. They’re decorated with our TRULY x Sugarfina hard seltzer-infused gummy bears, which also happen to be the perfect kitchen snack to have on hand while making these. Pop open a Truly Hard Seltzer, and let’s get to work on these alcoholic popsicles!


Prep Your Ingredients

If you want to add some puréed fruit to your popsicles to give them a refreshing burst of natural fruitiness (trust us…you do!), then pull out your blender or food processor, and purée some fruit of your choice. If you like your popsicles on the sweeter side, this is the perfect time to add in a little simple syrup, agave or honey to your pureed fruit.

Form the Popsicles

Now pour your Truly Hard Seltzer into your fruit purée, and pour the fruit purée into each popsicle mold, making sure to stop just below the fill line. We’re leaving the ratio of fruit puree to hard seltzer completely up to you. For example, if you just want a refreshing afternoon treat you may wish to do half purée and half hard seltzer, but if it’s been more of a mercury-in-retrograde kind of week, then you may want to pour in a lot more Truly Hard Seltzer (we’re not judging!).

Sugarfina Tip: While it might be tempting to fill popsicle molds to the top, liquid expands when frozen, so you definitely don’t want to overfill.

Start Decorating

Give your popsicles a little creative flourish by adding our TRULY x Sugarfina hard seltzer-infused gummy bears into the molds (just make sure to place the gummy bears facing away from you). You can also choose to add little pieces of fresh fruit for decoration and even more flavor!

Depending on the type of popsicle mold you’re using, you may need to place popsicle sticks. If you have a popsicle mold that requires a stick, place the cover over the molds first and then place the sticks into their respective slots. If your popsicle molds come with their own sticks, then you can skip this step!

You've Earned a Popsicle

We realize this is going to be the hardest step to follow, but once you’ve finished making your popsicles, stick them in the freezer for at least six hours but ideally, overnight (trust us, it’s worth the wait!). Once they are ready to eat, you may need to run warm water over the molds to help release the popsicles. Now they are ready to enjoy responsibly.

Sugarfina Tip: If you’re planning to serve these at a get-together, you could decorate a charcuterie board with your popsicles and add our TRULY x Sugarfina hard seltzer-infused gummy bears, Island Pineapples, Summer Strawberries and Magic Mangos (which are also vegan-friendly!) as decoration. We’re pulling out all the stops to make this the sweetest summer yet—just make sure your guests enjoy them before they melt!

With TRULY x Sugarfina, anything is popsicle! Stock up on all the essentials you’ll need to create these frozen alcoholic popsicles all season long – whether for 4th of July, Labor Day, or just because. Don’t forget to tag us on Instagram @sugarfina to show off your delicious Sugarfina-inspired summer creations!