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An Educational (and Yummy!) Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt for Children

A popular item for filling baskets, our Easter Tasting Collection features four of our favorite gummies and chocolates. Each taster box depicts a corresponding animal relating to the candy inside: Apple Frogs, Robin’s Egg Caramels, Baby Butterflies, and Little Lamb Gumdrops. With the perfect dimensions for hiding and the perfect bright colors for seeking, remove each tasting box from the Spring Tasting Collection packaging. The location in which each taster box is hidden will relate back to the animal depicted on the packaging and a fact about the animal.

Hop to the ultimate scavenger hunt by writing out these clues and giving them to your little ones this Easter!

  • Apple Frogs Clue (indoor)
    • Clue: The changes throughout this animal's life are called metamorphosis. They start out as eggs, change to tadpoles, and then become fully grown. Like this animal, we go through changes, too. Where do you go every morning to change for the day?
    • Hiding Spot Suggestions: Closet, dresser, etc.

  • Robin’s Egg Caramels (outdoor)
    • Clue: These birds make nests out of dried grass, twigs, and mud. Their nest is often found in a sheltered location, like in a tree or bush. Their eggs are bright blue! If you were this bird, where would you build your nest? Hint: look high and low!
    • Hiding Spot Suggestions: Tree, bush, outdoor area

  • Baby Butterflies (outdoor)
    • Clue: At night and during times of stormy weather, these animals spend their time perched on the underside of leaves, between blades of grass, and even crawl inside the crevices of rocks
    • Hiding Spot Suggestions: Grass, bush, or in between rocks

  • Little Lamb Gumdrops (indoor)
    • Clue: These animals like to take naps! When it’s nap time, they find their mom and sleep as close to her as possible. Where does your mom like to sleep?
    • Hiding Spot Suggestions: Bedroom, napping place, sofa

Our Easter Candy Cubes® filled with delectable gummies and chocolates also feature animal characters, making another great prize for children participating in the scavenger hunt. In addition to Apple Frogs and Baby Butterflies, the Candy Cubes® include “Bunny” Chocolate Confetti and “Chick” Marshmallow Eggs.

For this hunt, feel free to use the above clues for Apple Frogs and Baby Butterflies.

  • “Bunny” Chocolate Confetti
    • Clue: These animals eat by grazing on grass and leafy weeds. In most cartoons, they eat carrots! Where do you go to get your food?
    • Hiding Spot Suggestions: Pantry, kitchen

  • “Chick” Marshmallow Eggs
    • Clue: These animals protect their eggs by laying them in places that are hard for humans to reach their hands into
    • Hiding Spot Suggestions: In a bush, crevice, hidden corner

From our Sugarfina family to yours, Happy Easter! Share your scavenger hunt success with us by tagging @sugarfina on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and Twitter.