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Here’s the Scoop on Your Gelato Personality Type

Sugarfina’s newest collection will have you living la dolce vita. The Gelato Collection is full of smooth, creamy gelato-inspired flavors that will transport you to the whimsical cobblestone streets of your favorite piazza. While you’re nibbling on each of these bite-sized delights, we’re dishing up this completely scientific, 100% accurate personality reveal based on your favorite go-to flavor!

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Mint Chip

Creamy vanilla flecked with decadent ribbons of chocolate make stracciatella a classic (we’re not drooling, you’re drooling). So, it’s no surprise that it’s also a go-to for traditionalists. Choosing stracciatella probably means you’re a steady, even-keeled person but you also have no problem standing out in a crowd. You love fusing together old and new ideas and designs (think, classic vintage chic meets the latest style trends), and you take immense pleasure in bringing friends together. Just like stracciatella, you’re a combination of delicious characteristics that most people can’t help but adore.

Fun Fact: Stracciatella isn’t just a type of gelato flavor; it’s also the name of a creamy, mozzarella-style cheese. So, while you’ll definitely want to be clear when ordering at a restaurant, there’s no confusion when it comes to our bento box; it’s just pure candied goodness. Life is short, head straight for the sweets!

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Are the only two words on your mind, “mint chip”? If so, it’s probably mint to be! You’re a cool, calm and collected person, but you’re not afraid to take a bold stance. Some people might describe you as argumentative; you’d call it passionate. In gelato and life, you’re looking for what’s real and you never settle for less than the best (and why should you?). You’ve got high standards for friendships, relationships and work, and you aren’t afraid to show it. Of course, you’re not serious 24/7—you’re always down for a good time and you attract people who love to have fun. You were born to take the lead!

Fun Fact: If you think mint chip is an elegant flavor, you might be onto something. It was, after all, inspired by royalty. Mint chip was invented by an English catering student who entered her “mint royal” into an ice cream contest. Her winning dessert was served at the wedding of Princess Anne and Captain Mark Phillips. If you’re planning your own royal-style wedding, this Gelato Collection may be the perfect favor to make your guests feel positively regal.

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Salted Caramel


If you’re a diehard salted caramel fan, friends probably call you an old soul. With your multi-faceted personality and deep thoughts, you’re one for late-night chats and philosophical musings (while noshing on something both a little sweet and a little salty, of course!). When you aren’t working (at a company with a mission or on your own passion projects), you can be found in the yoga studio, journaling in a café or daydreaming the afternoon away. Your personality is something to be savored and all your pals know it!

Fun Fact: If you often crave salted caramel, blame science! This perfect blend of salt and sweetness causes a “hedonic escalation” response in the brain. This means that we keep craving this goodness more and more with each bite. Look, call us hedonic escalation enablers if you like, but our salted caramel gelato candies are melt-in-your-mouth perfection.

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It’s obvious strawberry lovers—you’re berry sweet! You root for the underdogs and introverts who remind you more of yourself than you’re comfortable admitting. Some might call you shy or predictable; we think you’re more like a hidden gem! You’re a loyal and devoted friend, you think before you speak, and you appreciate the little things in life. While some people might want to socialize with a flashier crowd, they’re missing out: Your true friends recognize just how lucky they are to have your sweet disposition in their lives.

Fun Fact: Have you ever thought to stop and smell the strawberries? It might sound crazy, but strawberries are actually part of the rose family. These berries are pretty beloved; there are museums, international festivals and even whole weeks dedicated to nature’s ruby candy. We can understand the infatuation! After all, our strawberry gelato sweets are pure summer in a bite.

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So, how’d we do? Spot on or not so much? We know guessing personalities based on your favorite gelato flavor is a bit un-cone-ventional, but regardless of your results, there is definitely one thing we can all agree on: Gelato sure makes life sweeter! If you’re looking to add a little amore to your life, scoop up the Sugarfina Gelato Collection to try all four refreshing flavors. It’s a perfectly sweet way to chill out!