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5 Tips to Take Your Gift Note to the Next Level with Calligraphy

Calligraphy artist, Jeanine Wiss walks us through how to personalize the note inside our Candy Care Package, for a gift that is sure to surprise & delight your recipient!

Our new Candy Care Package is the perfect way to say “I miss you” or “I’m thinking of you” to loved ones, friends, and family during this socially distanced season! The sweetest part is that the tasting box, filled with eight of our best-selling candies comes adorned with a dedicated section to write a heartfelt handwritten gift note.

If you’re worried that your handwriting isn’t good enough, fret no more! With a steady hand, supplies found in your desk drawer and extra practice, you can create calligraphy fonts for the perfect gift note that will have your recipient saying “How did you make that” or “Wow! Your handwriting is amazing.”

Jeanine (@oncewrite) shows us how to create a beautiful gift note using hand lettering tips to write inside the Candy Care Package and make your gift even more personal. If you’ve ever wondered how to craft that stunning, aesthetically pleasing handwritten note – keep watching!

Hand lettering can appear to be overwhelming but when you break it down, it’s simpler than it seems. Here are Jeanine’s top five tips on how to level up your gift notes!

  1. Give some thought to what you would like to write to your recipient, and how you want to lay it out. Will you left justify or center the copy? Sketch a rough idea of how you would like it to look.
  2. Always practice first! Doing a few practice-runs for your gift note will help avoid making mistakes on your final piece. Practicing on lined paper works the best, as the lines will make sure each of your letters is the same size. “When lettering something, I practice it a lot!” Jeanine Says. “The more you practice the better you will be.”
  3. Slow down and take your time while writing. Many calligraphy videos you see are sped up, but lettering takes time. Jeanine says, “When I letter, I like to think more as if I am drawing each letter, as opposed to just writing it out.”
  4. Try writing each letter of each word at the same angle. This helps to give your lettering a consistent look.
  5. Have fun with your hand lettering! You can add in flourishes, ligatures or even give faux calligraphy a try.
    1. To create ligatures, connect two letters together so that part of one letter becomes part of another. For instance, crossing a “t” with part of an “h.”
    2. For faux calligraphy, try making all your down strokes (the parts of a letter that are created when your pen is moving downward) a little bit thicker.

    Pro-tip: Choose a pen you enjoy writing with and one that works well for your writing surface. For the Candy Care Package, we recommend a ballpoint stick pen as it won’t smear. A permanent marker also works, but make sure it dries before you start on the next letter! Pick a color that compliments what you are writing on – for the Candy Care Package, blue works perfectly.

    Jeanine says, “…you don’t need a calligraphy pen or a brush pen or a special pen to sit down and write out some words to give your mind a moment of peace.” With extra time at home during to quarantine, you can find a sense of serenity and mindfulness as you begin to learn the art of hand lettering. Between homeschooling, finding the balance with your roommate or spouse and squeezing in time for yourself, practicing your newfound skill can be the much needed me-time you’ve been looking for!

    Share the gift note in your Candy Care Package by tagging @sugarfina & #TreatItForward. The Candy Care Package is available now! Shop online at or at a Sugarfina boutique near you!

    Check out Jeanine’s calligraphy shop or keep up with her on Instagram @oncewrite to learn more handwriting styles and easily elevate your next Sugarfina gift!

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