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Behind The Scenes: Hampton Water x Sugarfina

Summer is calling, and we’re making a splash with our latest collaboration in partnership with Hampton Water Rosé! Founded by Jon Bon Jovi and his son Jesse Bongiovi, Hampton Water was created as a response to their vision to create a unique rosé and bring people together. The two brought on famed French winemaker, Gerard Bertrand, to bring their vision to life, and Hampton Water has now earned three consecutive 90-point ratings from Wine Spectator, earned a spot on the WS Top 100 list, and is available across the United States, Europe, and Canada.

Our new Hampton Water x Sugarfina Candy Bento Box is the perfect hostess gift, treat for summer gatherings, and poolside indulgence. Keep reading to learn more about how this rock star partnership came to life.


What sparked the idea to create Hampton Water Rosé?

Jon & Jesse Bongiovi: Hampton Water was inspired by my summer weekend rituals of spending long weekends out in the Hamptons, drinking rosé, partying with family and friends, and simply loving life. The running joke was that we drank way more rosé than we did water. One summer day out in the Hamptons, my dad and I talked about how cool it would be to create a rosé that was ours that we could drink when we were out east. That’s when the product and brand name was born.

What was the creation of the ideal rosé like?

J&J: My dad and I knew that we not only wanted to create a rosé that we loved, but that our family and friends would quickly become obsessed with. As we started working on this project, we noticed that all of our favorite rosés were French, so we felt like it made sense to create a rosé that was born in France, but raised in the Hamptons.

We had a chance to meet with winemaker Gérard Bertrand and discussed the concept of creating a lifestyle around drinking rosé. Then, when he explained that life in the Hamptons and the Languedoc region of France were actually very similar, we knew that we had found a real partner to bring this idea to life. When we started to develop Hampton Water, he led us to create a blend that was light, fresh, bright, and drinkable with a slight oak aging to round out the finish. Once we tried Hampton Water, we knew we had something special and something that everyone would love in the summer and year-round.

What do you believe sets Hampton Water Rosé apart from other Rosé brands?

J&J: It’s so much more than rosé wine and a summer drink. It’s about the spirit of what the Hampton Water brand embodies. Although it’s an award-winning wine with three back-to-back years of 90-point ratings from Wine Spectator Magazine, we don't take ourselves too seriously. Rosé is fun, it's meant to be enjoyed with friends and without the trappings of having to be "tasted” or feeling snobby. It’s about a mood, a feeling, and a place that represents happiness, light-heartedness, and fun!

Why Sugarfina? What was your inspiration for this partnership? What excites you about this partnership?

J&J: My family and friends have all loved Sugarfina for years! Sugarfina and Hampton Water have so many similarities in terms of brand personality. We both take a fun, whimsical, yet luxury approach to what we offer our customers. When we first started talking to Sugarfina, we fell in love with how their team looks at the world. They spoke to us about creating something that blended our two brands while telling the story of Hampton Water in a fresh, new way. We’re all certain that this will be a huge hit, not only with Hampton Water fans but Sugarfina fans as well! Together we created a special, limited-edition collection of rosé-infused gummies that will complement the refreshingly crisp notes you’ll find in every sip of Hampton Water.

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