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SWEET LAUREL | An Interview with Laurel Gallucci

sweet laurel

Sugarfina was thrilled to announce our first brand collaboration of 2022 with Los Angeles-based Sweet Laurel Bakery. With an established cult following, the bakery has become a destination for delicious, guilt-less baked goods. Sugarfina was excited to partner with Sweet Laurel to offer our first keto-friendly, paleo, vegan, refined sugar-free, and dairy-free candies.

Inspired by the bakery’s three best-selling treats, the collection features mouth-watering candies including Blueberry Muffin gummies, Lemon Coconut gummies, and a Raspberry Cocoa Bar. Throughout the process of developing these limited edition fresh-out-of-the-oven sweets, we had the opportunity to sit and chat with Sweet Laurel co-founder, Laurel Gallucci, to ask all things Sweet Laurel. From her inspiration to opening Sweet Laurel Bakery, to her favorite Sugarfina candies, our exclusive tell-all interview provides a delightful insight into the entrepreneur’s life. And yes, she is just as sweet as her delicious treats!

Tell us a little about yourself! I am a wife, mother, and baker, and I am grateful that through a series of events, I was able to co-found Sweet Laurel and bring it to the place it is today.

Tell us about Sweet Laurel. Sweet Laurel is a grain-free, refined sugar-free, and dairy-free bakery that is focused on bringing the cleanest and most wholesome products to our community.

What inspired you to open Sweet Laurel? After my diagnosis of Hashimoto’s Disease took a turn for the worst, I turned to an anti-inflammatory diet that was completely free of grains, refined sugar, and dairy. After a few months, I realized there were no options for cakes, brownies, muffins, cookies for people eating the way I was eating. I began recipe testing and after a few months, began Sweet Laurel with my friend and creative partner Claire Thomas.

What surprised you the most throughout the process of opening Sweet Laurel? Oh, wow, the journey has certainly not been an easy one, but such a rewarding one. I suppose the 24/7 nature of running a business was something I was not privy to until I was actually in it.

What do customers love about your products? They are clean, meaning they are made with wholesome ingredients. Most of our items are made with less than five ingredients yet they do not lack in flavor, no one has to compromise on taste!

What is the most popular item at Sweet Laurel? It changes from time to time; however, I think the most consistently popular products are our Keto Chocolate Cake and our Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough.

Where can customers find your items? Sweet Laurel – we ship nationwide! Various retailers include Willams Sonoma, Bloomingdales, select Whole Foods, and Erewhon Markets. If you’re in LA you can visit our Cake Shop and get the multi-sensory Sweet Laurel experience.

What is the most popular request that you get? Diet specific usually – nut-free, keto, or vegan. All of our items are gluten-free, dairy-free, and refined sugar-free, so sometimes our customers want something even more diet-specific. We believe everyone should be able to have a slice of cake on their birthday and strive to create something for everyone!

What is your favorite menu item? It switches off between our best-selling chocolate Vegan Keto Cake topped with layers of coconut whipped cream and our Carrot Cake. Right now, I’m also loving our nut-free Sunbutter Cookies!

Why did you choose to collaborate with Sugarfina? We love Sugarfina. The packaging, variety of flavors, and quality are created with care and a sense of refinement and beauty. The easy collaborative process was something we wanted to be part of!

Favorite Sugarfina candy? The Keto Raspberry Cocoa Bar we co-created is pretty special, and definitely my favorite. I am SO excited for our Keto Gummies to launch in just a couple of weeks as well!

Do you have any further category expansion plans? Our cookie dough, brownies, and baking mixes will now be available in grocery stores. We are so excited to be more accessible to our community and bring more people into the Sweet Laurel family.

What is one piece of advice that you would give to entrepreneurs? Don’t give up, and stay focused on your dreams. Make sure you have a solid support system outside of work.

Check out the exclusive Sugarfina x Sweet Laurel Collection here!