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Sweets Gone Vegan: Tropical Treats to Tantalize all Tastebuds

We’re making a splash, and just in time for spring! We’ve been longing for tropical vacations, sandy beaches and umbrella-adorned cocktails all year long. While tropical escapes may not be in the cards quite yet, you can still send your tastebuds on a much-needed escape. Our latest Tropical Gift Set offers a taste of the tropics that our vegan gals can enjoy, too. Whether you’re a dedicated vegan or you’re looking for a gift for your favorite ladies living the plant-based lifestyle, we have the vegan candies to satisfy every sweet tooth.

Gummies So Yummy

While your lifestyle might not require vegan sweets, require and want are two very different things. Forget what you think you know about vegan foods! These sweets are seriously so good that our team can’t stop eating them:

“I'm not vegan but as a non-vegan eater, this is one of my fave gummies we've ever made!” – Katherine Boatwright

“I love fruit in food and snacks, so I love that there is real fruit purée in these three gummies!” – Julie Kim

"I love eating mangos all year round, and I'm so excited that we finally came out with a mango gummy!” - Carrie Austermann

All three vegan gummies are made with real fruit purée for a tropical explosion of flavor that you’ll feel good about eating. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that one bite makes us feel like we’re enjoying a little spring break. They are the perfect afternoon pick-me-up or relaxing after-work treat, for vegans and non-vegans alike!

What Makes Candy Vegan?

As any vegan will tell you, a lot of candies are vegan. Our best-selling Sugar Lips are vegan, along with our Cold Brew Cordials and Heavenly Sours. Vegan sweets aren’t made with gelatin, casein, whey, beeswax, milk or any ingredients derived from animals. Instead, our vegan candies are made with pectin, which comes exclusively from plants.

Let's Dig In

Vegan Pineapple Gummies|Sugarfina


With just one bite, this juicy vegan gummy is going to be the pineapple of your eye. Our Island Pineapples are made from pectin and real pineapple purée, giving you a taste of island freshness. If you like piña coladas, then you’ll most certainly love our vegan-friendly Island Pineapples. It’s the sweet you’ll pine for!

Vegan Mango Gummies


Every day is mango-nificent when you have our Magic Mangos to enjoy. These fruit gummies are loaded with real mango purée to inspire island magic, even if you’re just relaxing in your own backyard. This vegan-friendly treat is the perfect way to kick off your staycation, or to simply make Mondays a little sweeter. It might take two to mango, but it only takes one to enjoy the juiciest treat this season.

Vegan Strawberry Gummies


Strawberries are the first springtime fruit to ripen, and Sugarfina is on it! These vegan gummies packed with real strawberry purée were freshly picked just for our vegan sweeties. Bursting with sweet flavor, these Summer Strawberries are so berry good they’re sure to be your jam!

Craving the sweet vegan life? We have you covered! Wake up on island time, kick back and let our vegan-friendly collection be your new vacation buddy (passport not included).