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Behind the Scenes: Truly Hard Seltzer x Sugarfina

We love all things sweet, fruity and refreshing, which is why our latest collaboration, TRULY x Sugarfina, is extra special to us! The world’s first hard seltzer-infused gummies, these candies were such a fun project to work on with our partner, Truly Hard Seltzer. We sat down with Casey O’Neill, their Director of Product Development, who is the brains behind Truly, to dive deeper into her world and how this partnership came to life. Crack open our TRULY x Sugarfina hard seltzer-infused gummy bears and read on to find out how this sweet, sparkling collaboration was born.

What does a “day in the life” look like, for the Director of Product Development at Truly Hard Seltzer?

Casey O’Neill: Part of what I love about my job is that every day is different. Some days we’re dreaming up new Truly flavors, some days we’re re-testing flavors we’ve had for years to make sure they still taste exactly how we think they should, and some days I get to taste gummy bears! No matter what I’m doing, it’s really all about bringing drinkers new and exciting ways to enjoy Truly.

Why did your team decide the Tropical Mix Pack were the best flavors to work with for this partnership?

O’Neill: The Tropical Mix Pack just screams summer to me, which made total sense for our partnership launch. Every flavor is so refreshing and fun and could easily translate into candy. Our drinkers love it because the flavors are associated with warm days – Pineapple, Watermelon & Kiwi, Mango, and Passion Fruit – and they all connote juiciness and refreshment.

When Truly originally released the Tropical Mix Pack in hard seltzers, how were the four flavors chosen? Were there any other flavors that didn’t make the cut or placed in another mix pack?

O’Neill: We initially launched this pack with Pomegranate instead of Watermelon & Kiwi. But after feedback from our drinkers, we chose to replace Pomegranate with Watermelon & Kiwi because it delivered more on the tropical expectation our drinkers had with this pack. We think the four flavors now are perfect together, but we’re always thinking about what could be next – and how we can refresh our existing packs with new, exciting flavors.

What makes Truly Hard Seltzer special?

O’Neill: Truly is so incredibly special to me. It was born out of my experience of wanting something light and refreshing after a long day or a simple get-together with friends. Beer seemed too heavy, we only had wine, and cocktails were fussy for a group, so Truly was created to fill that gap. I’m so glad so many other drinkers were looking for the same thing I was because it’s given us a whole world of new and exciting alcoholic beverages that are so convenient – and made my job so fun!

Most importantly – which flavor from TRULY x Sugarfina is your favorite?

O’Neill: They’re all so good, but hands down, the Passion Fruit Bears! The way the juicy Truly Passion Fruit flavor comes through in the gummy bears is absolute perfection.

No one is just one flavor, and that’s why, just like Truly Hard Seltzer, we’re offering a variety of gummies infused with the hard seltzer flavors you know and love. Take your poolside parties, rooftop get-togethers and summer BBQs to the next level with TRULY x Sugarfina – they’re the sweets you’ll crave!

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