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Create & Celebrate


Calling all eco-conscious Sugarfina fans! You might be wondering, what’s a nature lover with a sweet tooth to do with leftover Sugarfina packaging? We see you and agree that doing what we can for Planet Earth is oh so important.

To make the most of what we all already have lying around—Sugarfina candy packaging, of course—we’re sharing cute and creative ways to make this Earth Day caring and creative.

Did you know that you can easily repurpose your Sugarfina Candy Bento Boxes and Candy Cubes? Even better, these upcycling projects are useful and adorable. Just check out a few of our ideas below and learn how to share your own with us using #100WaystoBento and @Sugarfina on Instagram!

Store your mementos and keepsake items

Make decorating easy by using your Candy Bento Boxes and Candy Cubes to store anything and everything you hold dear.

Candy Cubes are our choice for any items you want to show off—the clear acrylic packaging makes them ideal for shelf styling. When filled with the right items, they can bring back fond memories and spark special conversations.

Use our Candy Bento Boxes for storing larger objects or those you want to protect—or keep a bit more private. Even if it lives in a drawer, there’s no reason it can’t be cute!

Here are just a few ideas to get you started on your upcycled storage journey:

Candy Cube Storage

  • Show off all that glitters! Your jewelry is sure to shine in a Candy Cube. Show off heirloom pieces, earrings from your wedding, or another special memento without worries of dust or rust damage.
  • Turn souvenirs from your travels into display objects for your home. Fill Candy Cubes with shells, coins, pebbles, buttons, or anything else you pick up on vacation; when they’re styled on a shelf, they’ll look like intentional pieces of art.
  • Make DIY photo cubes out of Sugarfina Candy Cubes by pasting in pictures on each side, the bottom, and the lid. It’s a perfect desk decoration that’s sure to make you smile.

Candy Bento Box Storage

  • Keep family recipes safe and ready to be shared with the next generation by popping recipe cards into various Candy Bento Boxes. Organize them by cuisine, type of meal, or even who wrote the recipe!
  • Instead of tossing old cards or notes, use a Candy Bento Box to store them. They make a wonderful home for greeting cards from birthdays, weddings, or anniversaries.

Store home, office, and craft supplies

When it comes to upcycling, the possibilities are endless. But maybe you need something that’s a little more function than form.

There’s no need to run out to the store to get storage boxes when you’ve got Candy Bento Boxes and Candy Cubes at home!

Try these ideas, and then let us know what you come up with!

  • Store pens and pencils in a Candy Bento Box. They’re the perfect size to pop into a drawer but cute enough to leave sitting out.
  • Rolls of ribbon or washi tape fit perfectly in our Candy Cubes. Put them in rainbow order on a shelf or cabinet and you’ve got a professional craft room in the making!
  • A Candy Cube will be your home office’s new best friend: Store paper clips, push pins, sticky notes, and binder clips each in their own little box. Best of all? They’re stackable!
  • Use a Candy Bento Box to create a sewing kit with all the essentials. Put in your needles, thread, measuring tape, and scissors, and get rid of that old cookie tin once and for all.
  • Don’t forget the bathroom! A Candy Cube is the perfect home for cotton balls, cotton pads, or cotton swabs. Clean, clear, and—most of all—sanitary.
  • Trade bulky boxes for the pantry of your dreams when you use Sugarfina Candy Cubes to store snacks. They may be tiny, but that makes them the perfect size for storing on-the-go snacks—just grab and go!
  • If you’ve got a little one running around, you know how easily tiny toys can get lost. Use Candy Cubes and Candy Bento Boxes as kid-friendly storage solutions they’ll be excited to use!
  • Make our Candy Bento Boxes and Candy Cubes crafts all on their own—there’s no reason you have to leave them as-is. Get creative with markers and paint to make your new storage solutions match your decor.

For Those with a Green Thumb…

Upcycling is great. Planting new life while upcycling is even better. Take Earth Day up a notch by upcycling Sugarfina Candy Cubes into precious planters with personality!

These little cubes will make perfect homes for…

  • Succulents: Add one succulent per cube and cluster together for a chic display that will fit in perfectly on your Instagram feed.
  • Plant Cuttings: Propagate in style by growing cuttings of your favorite plants in our Candy Cubes. They’re just the right size to grow tiny pothos, snake plants, spider plants, pilea, or monstera.
  • Herb gardens: Plant an herb garden right on your windowsill! Add your favorite herbs—like rosemary, basil, or mint—per cube and watch them grow. Growing them in these cubes is an easy way to keep them contained until you’re ready to start a full herb garden outdoors.

Create a Cupcake Holder

You might be thinking, Who really needs a cupcake holder? But the question we pose is, who doesn’t?!

Deliver some baked-good joy to friends and family in a sweet, homemade cupcake holder made out of upcycled Candy Bento Boxes!

A cupcake holder can help you spread sweetness no matter the season. Cover your Bento Box in craft paper or paint to get the look you want. Add shapes made from paper, draw on some fun designs, and pop the cupcake of your choice into the box.

It’ll take a sweet treat from good to great in a matter of minutes and is a great way to reuse packaging you might otherwise discard.

Upcycle in Style with Sugarfina

Now, more than ever, sustainability is top of mind for all of us here at Sugarfina. We know just how important it is to take care of our Earth and the people around us. That’s why we’re working on an exciting recycling program that will help make recycling your Candy Bento Boxes and Candy Cubes even easier, so you can spread sweetness to our planet too.

In the meantime, share your upcycling ideas with us! Just tag us—that’s @sugarfina—and #100WaystoBento on Instagram. We’re excited to see what you create!