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"Congrats" Candy Trunk

It's time to celebrate! Make those extra special, extra big moments extra sweet with our signature Sugarfina Candy Trunk filled with delicious sweets and designed with luxurious details. The polished brass lock opens the lid to reveal 20 of our favorite candy cubes, beautifully nestled into a tiered display lined with luxe velvet. With a leather handle and polished brass corners, this beautiful blue trunk is a signature keepsake long after the candy is gone, perfect for storing and displaying jewelry, tea, curios and more. This over-the-top gift is sure to make that celebration incredibly delicious and unforgettable. - Bling Rings: Sculpted from dark chocolate, these interlocking rings have a thin sugar shell brushed with edible silver - Golden Truffle Eggs: A creamy milk chocolate truffle is infused with hazelnut and vanilla, then dipped in a shimmery golden shell - Champagne Bubbles: Dressed up in tiny non-pareils, these juicy little gummies are flavored like a fine Champagne - Sugar Lips®: These best-selling sweet and sour gummy lips in mouthwatering flavors of watermelon, berry and bubble gum - PB&J Caramels: Yummy caramels are covered in artisan peanut butter and dipped in strawberry jelly white chocolate - Strawberry Milkshake Malt Balls: A delicious milkshake in one bite, these strawberry and cream malt balls are a summertime favorite - Bella Rosa: These hard candy rosettes are infused with the delicate flavor of pure Italian rosewater - Chocolate Sparkles: Thin disks of premium dark chocolate are dipped in a shimmery candy shell - Princess Pearls: A crispy rice cereal center is dipped in smooth milk chocolate, then coated in a pearlescent candy shell - Sugarfina Pearls: Tiny milk chocolate droplets are coated in a delicate sugar shell, in shimmery pink and white - Bubbly Bears®: Our classic Champagne Bears® are dusted with tart sugar crystals for a sophisticated taste that really ""pops"" - Peach Bellini®: These all-natural gummies are filled with juicy peach nectar, then dusted in sweet and sour crystals - Champagne Bears®: Made with Dom Pérignon Champagne, these sophisticated bears sparkle in flavors of Brut and Rosé - But First, Rosé: Made with Rosé wine from Provence, these refreshing gummy roses are the perfect shoreside treat - Rosé All Day: Treat them to a glass of yummy rosé gummy bears made with Rosé wine from Provence - Queen of Hearts: These all-natural gummy hearts are made with real fruit juice in flavors of pineapple, grapefruit and black currant - Long Stem Roses: This freshly-picked bouquet of gummy roses is blooming with all-natural strawberry flavor - English Toffee Caramels: Infused with the flavor of buttery English toffee, these soft caramels are coated in smooth milk chocolate - Sparkle Pops: These crunchy chocolates are filled with popping candy for a big burst of sparkle and pop - Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels: Rich and creamy caramels are dipped in superfine dark chocolate, with just a kiss of sea salt Choose "gift wrap" at checkout and we'll include a hand-written note with your personal message. Want to create a personalized Candy Trunk with all their favorites? Email us at to design your own candy trunk!
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