Halloween Candy Collection Bundle

Our Halloween candy collection is full of scary good sweets - trust us, you'll want to stock up before they ghost. The entire limited-edition collection includes our 3pc Coffin Candy Bento Box,® a Pumpkin Surprise Ball, and our ghoul gang Candy Cube™ characters: "Mr. Bare Bones" Skeleton Sugar Skulls, "Wrap Star" Mummy Sparkle Pops, and "Brainiac Maniac" Zombie Brains.
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Halloween 3pc Coffin Box: This limited-edition Candy Bento Box® is filled with ghoulish gummies that are so good, it's scary. Dare to open the lid of our Spooky Sweets Coffin 3pc Candy Bento Box® decorated with golden spiderwebs, and find Zombie Brains, Sugar Skulls, and Pumpkin Patch gummies hiding inside. All the ghouls say it's the ultimate gourmet Halloween candy collection. "Wrap Star" Mummy Sparkle Pops: This mysterious mummy is a rising talent surrounded with layers of intrigue. It's no wonder he tries to stay under wraps, because our crunchy chocolate candies are almost too good to share! Each bite inside this limited-edition Halloween Candy Cube® contains a sparkling burst of milk chocolate filled with popping candy. "Braniac Maniac" Zombie Brains: Our zombie is a ‘bite’ of an intellectual type, with a taste for grey matter. Only the finest brain fuel will do, so we filled this limited-edition Halloween Candy Cube® with ooey-gooey brain gummies that are so juicy they'll give you goosebumps. Trust us, the sweet strawberry center is to die for. "Mr. Bare Bones" Skeleton Sugar Skulls: No bones about it - this skeleton is the ultimate #minimalist. This limited-edition Halloween Candy Cube® is filled with tart raspberry skulls dusted in nothing but pure sour sugar. Shock your taste buds with frightful delight for both a trick and a treat. "The Pun-King" Pumpkin Gummies: Known for his charm and way with words, our punny pumpkin is the pick of the patch. This limited-edition Halloween Candy Cube® is filled with juicy gummy pumpkins bursting with orange flavor. Don't worry, pumpkin - it's totally okay to eat more than one. Pumpkin Surprise Ball: Unravel a treasure trove of surprises with the Tops Surprise Ball. Inspired by the original from the 1950's, each ball is made with approximately 100 feet of colorful crepe paper, which reveal a variety of hidden treasures tucked within each layer, like vintage-style toys, charms, and Sugarfina candies that will please both adults and kids alike.