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Real Juice Bears
Your non-GMO, Vitamin A & C-infused gummy bears are back - now with three new flavors!
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"Citrus Juice" Gummy Bears
Yummy gummies made with fresh pineapple juice flavor and a twist of lemon.
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"Roots Juice" Gummy Bears
Rooty tooty treats infused with apple, carrot and (of course) beet.
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"Green Juice" Gummy Bears
Our fan favorite gummy bears infused with apple, lemon, ginger and greens.
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"Vanilla Almond" Gummy Bears
Better-for-you gummy bears flavored like sweet almond and vanilla.
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7-Day Gummy Bear "Cleanse"
Seven shots of bears in green juice, roots, citrus and vanilla almond flavors.
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Juice Bears 4-Shot Carrier
Bring the whole (gummy bear) juice bar wherever you go.
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"The Most L.A. Thing Ever"
The delicious idea for "Green Juice" Bears debuted in 2016 as an April Fools’ Day prank masterminded by our Co-founder, Rosie O’Neill. Much to our surprise, customers started calling to purchase these made-up candies. That’s when we decided to partner with Pressed Juicery, the best juicer in town!
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