Sweet & Sparkling 8pc Candy Bento Box®

The best things in life are Sweet & Sparkling. This shimmering Candy Bento Box® is filled with eight of our sweetest candies that are perfect for celebrations of all kinds. Inside, you'll find eight lucite Candy Cubes® containing Original Champagne Bears®, Champagne Bubbles, Bubbly Bears, Sparkle Pops, Sugarfina Pearls, Peach Bellini®, But First, Rosé, Chocolate Sparkles.

The Original Champagne Bears®

Made with Dom Pérignon Vintage Champagne, these sophisticated bears sparkle in flavors of classic Brut and fashionable Rose.

Champagne Bubbles

Dressed up in tiny white nonpareils, each juicy little bite bursts with the flavors of the finest champagne.

Bubbly Bears

Champagne Bears with a sour twist. Our classic Champagne-infused gummy bears are dusted in sweet and tart sugar crystals for a sophisticated taste that really ""pops."" Made with Dom Pérignon Vintage Champagne. A Sugarfina exclusive. Non-alcoholic.

Sparkle Pops

These crunchy chocolates are filled with popping candy for a big burst of sparkle and pop.

Sugarfina Pearls

Tiny milk chocolate droplets are coated in a delicate, sparkling sugar shell.

Peach Bellini®

These all-natural gummies are filled with a juicy peach center, then dusted in sweet & sour sugar crystals for a mouthwatering taste sensation.

But First, Rosé

With an infusion of Rosé wine in every bite, our newest rosette-shaped gummies are the perfect treat for any Rosé lover.

Chocolate Sparkles

A thin disk of smooth dark chocolate is dipped in a delicate candy shell. Imported from Greece, these gorgeous dark chocolate dragées are exclusively available at Sugarfina in the U.S.


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