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XOXO 4pc Candy Bento Box®

Your Valentine will love this playful and sweet XOXO Candy Bento Box® filled with four of our best-selling candies: "Kiss Me" Sugar Lips® in mouthwatering flavors of watermelon, berry and bubble gum; "Love You A Bunch" Rosé Roses made with real Rosé wine from Provence; "Cheers to Us" Champagne Bears® made with Dom Pérignon Vintage Champagne; and "Pucker Up" Peach Bellini® made with juicy peach nectar and rolled in sweet and tart sugar crystals. The perfect gift for every Valentine (and Galentine!)

Kiss Me

Your Valentine will go in for a real smooch with one taste of our popular sweet & sour Sugar Lips

Love You a Bunch

This sweet bouquet of rosetteshaped gummies is made with Whispering Angel Rosé

Cheers To Us

Sophisticated bears sparkle in falvors of Brut and Rosè made with Dom Pèrignon

Pucker Up

These all-natural gummies are filled with juicy peach nectar, then dusted in sweet and sour sugar crystals


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